Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (2008-), MEXT
Research programs in TAIGA project
Our research area is constracted from organization group and other 5 research programs (A01-A05). Around 30 scientists are included as official members.

We have five main subjects
1) Diversity of TAIGA controlled by various geologic and geophysical structure of the oceanic crust
2) Impact of TAIGA on the Ocean chemistry and microbiology
3) Evolution of TAIGA considered from geochronology and molecular genetics
4) Microbial processes interacted with physico-chemical environment of TAIGA
5) Experimental simulation of chemical processes of TAIGA

involving sediment-derived organic material)

Head of TAIGA project
Name URABE, Tetsuro
Organization Department of Earth & Planetary Science, The University of Tokyo
Title Professor
Speciality Earth Science, Science of ore deposits
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