GBS seminor (1st in 2017fy)

Lecturelar: Prof. Jay Quade (Arizona Univ)
Date: 2017/4/17 Mon. 17:30-
Room: room336@Science building #1
Title: The Geology and Paleoenvironmental Setting of Early Humans in Ethiopia

Ethiopiatains perhaps the longest and richest record of fossil humans known. For my presentation I will take the audience on a tour of the recent geological and paleontological discoveries from two major project areas in the Awash Valley, Gona and Galili, for which I am project geologist. Together these deposits continuously span the last 6 Ma, and encompass nearly the whole human tree back to the last common ancestor with late Miocene apes. They provide a rare glimpse into the paleoenvironmental context of early human evolution. I will focus in some detail on the paleoenvironmental context of our earliest bipedal ancestors, the Ardipithecines, and on the structural transformation of the Ethiopian Rift from a series of small valleys to the broad Awash Valley of today.

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